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  1. 1st thing first i'm just a noob and since i'm a noob i don't know where to put this but here's the thing i got banned from this game but i can still play they've only restricted me from chatting, sending mails, entering party, trading, and more so basically my account is useless through and through but i found a way using your app gg to chat and send mails but here's the problem i can send a message but i can't send mails with something attached to it is there a way for me to do that? https://imgur.com/a/NRDj3ay ⇪no attachment https://imgur.com/a/t08AXAs ⇪with attachment if only i can send those items it would be really helpful and also i used a modified version of your gg cause the latest is detected
  2. August, 05 2018 you should put up the logcat so the devs can investigate they say there's a modified gg that works on iruna but you have to pay for it as the rumors says as for me i also modified an older version of gg and it work you should try as well lest we all can just rely on the developers and i don't think it's a good idea to share the mod of mine in this forum i'm just a noob afterall
  3. this file is corrupted lol here's the fixed lol this time it's 19.5b caps use common sense you need to extract it at the right spot app_data.zip
  4. you guys can always just forced load a save game file by copy and pasting this file to /root/data/data/com.gm_shaber.dayr/app_data/"paste here" has 1.5b caps app_data.zip
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