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  1. Did you try to start with a new account on 1.6, without connecting to facebook ?
  2. yes, apkpure.com is great for this. By the way, does someone know how to really "remove" hawk from a facebook account to start a new game ? According to this https://support.my.com/games/kbPage/1074/ it should be possible, but it does not work at all.
  3. Same here, account reset, can't even use the same name as before. Never used the crystal hack. i guess they checked this forum.
  4. I don't know if that's what you are looking for, but i found a way to remap something related to currencies (see the price on the right is coins instead of crystals). But still end up with "We have received new data. Restart is required!" : I don't know if there is a way to make it work or if it's a dead end PS: Maybe we should wait for the update before sharing what we found in details ?
  5. It seems they just banned / deleted some accounts. Take a look at the comments in the two recents posts on facebook, some players have issues with their accounts. Maybe they spotted the hack.
  6. I don't think anyone beside @NoFear knows how to do that. I think crystal/medals/bropoints are the same. Everywhere in the game, when you can get them, it's a pack with a fixed amount controlled by the server. And it's well protected.
  7. Yes, not now but soon. It is easy to get class definitions from il2cpp. Finding the objects in memory, not so easy.
  8. Same here, i don't really care about getting more stuff in the game, i have already reached level 130. NoFear is sharing a lot of videos/tutos, i'm mainly here to find and learn more memory "tricks". @NoFear I'm wondering if you decompile games to get metadata to find your way in the memory ?
  9. I tried to play a little bit with currencies (coins, verdium, crystal, bropoints ,...), and found a place where they are stored, it's easy to edit them, but as soon as you buy anything the game detects the change and restart as mentionned before. i tried to swap them (to buy stuff with coins instead of crystals in the shop for instance), it works visually everywhere, but if i try to buy the item, or collect a reward, the original currency is used, not the edited one. So i'm stuck too
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