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  1. So far I haven't been able to successfully keep anything I change. I've edited Coin, Food and even Diamonds but it only registers for a second and disappears (corrected by the server?) I was thinking of trying to hack prices to give negative diamonds but I haven't gotten it to work at this point.
  2. What I need is the supply boxes so I can build the rest of my chopper and stuff. That's the only part of the game I haven't seen yet and I have already donated like $20 to the devs since I started. It's a good game, so it's worth my $20 but I also like to fast track stuff and I'm not gonna keep paying for a chance at something lol.
  3. Ok, so yah... If I search 12.99 as Double but as a single value I do get results. It's only when I search with other prices that I get 0 results I'll go back and watch the video again. *EDIT* Ok, so I'm way too noob to follow that video correctly. I can edit my gold, dupe items, etc but this is seriously over my head I guess.
  4. Sorry, but can someone confirm this still works on 1.6? I continually get 0 results. I don't think that it being in Canadian currency really changes anything, but so far I haven't been able to add a VPN to NOX and nor really into adding one on my PC atm. If someone who knows if it really is due to it being CAD and not USD, I may try it on my rooted S4 (don't use it much, need a new battery after the last CM was installed killed it... Least now it's on Lineage)
  5. Haha, yah. Was about to say the same thing. I had some trunks stored for when they were implemented correctly and I think this is what broke my save. It is on the server, synced with an account but as soon as I try and enter my base I get stuck in the loading. I guess that account is now dead.
  6. Yah, could someone post a video of this please? I read the XOR search guide and tried for over an hour but still couldn't make it work *EDIT* So I managed to hack my Gems. I did similar to someone above. I used the Elixir to change it. Instead of using XOR I just used DOUBLE for the search. For mine, I ran a search for the price of the largest one which was worth 8500 gems: What I did next which i know isn't the best way (but it worked anyway) was after the search completed I did a mass edit and changed them all to -99999: From there I just hit yes, then clicked on the one worth 8500 gems and it gave me the elixer as well as 99999 gems. Clicked a few more times then I did a revert on the values I changed so it wouldn't crash anything, then left the store. It saved and I'm now good forever lol. Once someone much better than me gets to the post they will say do not edit all values but hopefully they make things easier to figure out at the same time
  7. Guess I was lucky. For me it just stopped syncing after I crafted items which are not yet in-game (require material we can not yet get). When I loaded it up on my phone everything was still there to the point when I started crafting those items. Was hoping I could store them for now till they are implemented. Then again, thinking back that would be a dumb idea on my part as it could cause placeholders in my inventories that may not be removable. Note though that you can craft and place the "trunk" storage, but it has the same capacity as if last storage you can build. That one saves and works.
  8. Awesome! A modded APK that actually works for me :o
  9. Agree 110% which is why I'm doing this via NOX. I test using my test account, get it working real well without screwing up, switch to my main and do it again. Save and then clear data on my phone and load up my main account again and boom! My "hacked" character on a non-rooted S7. This way if I screw up with tools and brick the device I can simply restore and start again, and if I screw up on the account it's self, big whoop, it's a test account.
  10. I've been having no luck with modded apk's while using NOX tbh. I was trying so hard i "bricked" it and had to restore the program to default to fix it lol. I may try again later this evening.
  11. Even IF that is true, you'll probably be bored with the game by that time. There are still many missing items and elements in-game that blocks progression (Beta means early access). I don't suspect the game will be completed any time soon. In any case, they would also need to think about anyone who has made purchases which I did before coming across GameGuardian.
  12. I don't get the negative values anymore. I can break it down to like 3 addresses and if I change my defense in-game the values change so they should be the correct ones. I guess they changed how it works.
  13. Thanks for trying to help. I'm just gonna give up on the modded apk and go back to just editing my game on my own. I did exactly as you said and I still get stuck in the loading and never get in-game. Thanks to all the other users and their videos I was at least able to mod my coins, skill points and dupe my items so that's great.
  14. Hmmm, I guess my issue is that I'm using NOX App Player. My device doesn't reboot when choosing those three options. I tried Manually rebooting after installing them but I can only do the 1st two hit apply then do the 3rd one and apply.
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