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  1. yeah, that't the problem. It's more fun to hack than to keep playing the same s*** over and over.
  2. @Zaidos yep. This was before the new search function even existed. But I bought a ridiculous amount of boxes, and my autohotkey script was upgrading and selling 5 times faster than you could do by hand, not sure which it was that got me banned. And in all fairness, it may have been closer to 50 mil.
  3. So after a month or two of not being able to log into my account, I was able to this morning. And for the first time I had some mail in my inbox. It said something to the effect of, "you were a big fat cheater and we reset your account to 0." This was after hacking in about 20 mil gold and buying about 25 mil in boxes and using an automated click macro to upgrade blues and sell greens and greys. So now that I've got my account back, I guess it's time to try and hack again!
  4. WTF has this thread devolved into? @Iagoo did you just compare hacking a game to pedophilia and rape?
  5. When you do a changed/unchanged search don't the values appear as follows; A A B B If so, then you are only getting the middle values that are actually 4 bits apart. Maybe you also need to do a search for values that are 12 bits apart?
  6. I was purchasing boxes for XP and I also got this error yesterday. I am not sure if we exceeded limits or if we were all banned! :-)
  7. Did that latest update add the feature you were looking for @NoFear ? I noticed there is a checkbox that says "value is encrypted" now, but I'm not sure if that was there before or not.
  8. Would it be possible to hack in blue boxes? I went into arcade did a scan when a box dropped, picked it up and rescanned for changed. Rescanned for unchanged when another box dropped, and picked it up and rescanned for changed. I did that 5 times and I ended it up w/ some plain text values showing the amount of boxes I picked up, as well as one value that would fluctuate between 0 and perhaps 1 higher than the amount picked up. as well as 2 values that were always 1 higher then the amount of boxes picked up. as well as 2 large values (1,xxx,xxx,xxx).
  9. I would def. throw in for such an amazing feature.
  10. I had not til I read this! Thanks for the tip. Still a rediculous amount of time to unlock one ship w/ crystals, or upgrade brobots.
  11. The gold is a pretty awesome bonus, but it is nearly worthless to a point. Crystals are needed to buy at least 3-4 planes, and to buy upgrade cards and to evolve the brobots. The crystals are more rare and buy more rare items, so that is what I really want.
  12. Any chance we could get a working concept on getting crystals? I can put forth some man hours to help if you need it. I had a thought that maybe one could use the bropoints and do a scan on the screen that you buy on, buy something, rescan for unchanged, repeat until you bought everything BUT the crystals, then buy the crystals and rescan for changed. Think this would work?
  13. I actually did get bluestacks emulator running w/ GG and the gold hack worked great. I am still curious as to why I couldn't come up w/ those dwords from cheat engine, but I guess it doesnt matter anymore. Thanks for the hack!
  14. It's not a matter of me not knowing how to use GG. I cannot use it because I do not have a rooted android device. I am running this game through OS Remix Player. I am trying to use cheat engine because it is doing the same thing as GG. I just don't know if the settings are exactly correct, and I don't know how to calculate the value that is replacing the original coin count value.
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