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  1. Dear not work any methods { In Sha Allah } I will wait for upcoming tutorial.
  2. Dear All see this video he is easily hack game https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tJdQhfrDqpA
  3. Dear This is original screen shots I minimize Game because taking screen shots problems. Dear guide me easily way how to hack I tried many method of hacking but going to failed. Dear I Think game values has been proteced.
  4. Dear I found this item on tap counter (unknown fuzzy search)
  5. I Think I have This Problem pls have a any solve problems
  6. Dear I don't understand pls guide me step by step how to get diamonds
  7. When I found all eg 200 value and select all and then Chang value to increase In GG value increase In GG but not change values in Game means in Little big city 2
  8. I have Read all description But not solve my problem
  9. AsSalam"0"AlaiKum Dear All Friend's I am trying lot of time to hack little big city 2 l have download latest version of Game Guardian apk and lucky par her apk I am TRYING to get more diamonds to play easily game but any method not work properly I am also seening many video s on YouTube, YouTube videos player easily hack game plz solve my problem.
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