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  1. @NoFear thanks alot for the apk sir..
  2. @Zaidos i still cant see the update..can u upload v1.7 apk?
  3. which country did u use in vpn? all wiped or roll back?
  4. use hack wisely mate..dont over abuse it
  5. i thought 2nd line is for premium..ill go check if i can get stabilizer
  6. i was trying to hack exp but i accidentally did this lol
  7. if ure looking for exp, this method is cool but not for other stuff..no offense @LittleHacker..everytime i do this i end up with the same item which is flamer, great axe, hellfire and brobots which i do not need..well thats for me..not sure if u guys end up with the same item..
  8. sorry to say i don't know..only @NoFear knows if it is still working and yes i did search the exact visual value..
  9. crystal hack from @NoFear _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later i also tried hacking crystals using the method @NoFear used in his video in LDOE but so far i end up with the game closing..
  10. try this method..unlimited overdrive... 1. Play Stage 1. Pause after loading screen. 2. Search 0x4 dword (Anonymous Range) 3. Unpause. Use 1 overdrive then quickly pause the game. 4. Search 1X4 then unpause. 5. Use 1 overdrive again then quickly pause the game. 6. Search 2x4 unpause. 7. Use 1 overdrive again then quickly pause the game. 8. Search 3X4. (u will see 2 large number and that is what we are looking for) this method is the same with @NoFear gold hack so i bet you know what to do next.
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