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  1. i found another way too: search 500;150 dword and change every 500 into - thrn go to sjop and then tl "get gold". u should get 2 billion now every time u buy gold
  2. Are u uploading the video on youtube? and if u r dpne, could u please link it here? thanks man
  3. i mean. what does this encrypted mean and what do you have to exactly search for. Thanks for your help
  4. Could you possibly explain me all that step for step since i really have no clue about gameguardian and all this. But. i got the app. that alone was a hard step for me. pls be so kind sir <3
  5. Name of Requested File: Dungeon, inc Link To Download: http://l.pikpok.com/play/dkc Is the game server-sided: Yes. Comments: Requested features should be getting gold or gems. A savegame or DIY would be great. Thank you so much guys. I know its hard when its server sided but I heard there are gods among you ☺
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