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  1. Free fire battlegrounds

    Name of Requested File: Free Fire Battlegrounds Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dts.freefireth Is the game server-sided: yes Comments: does anyone have LUA scripts for this game or any codes? Any hack is welcome.
  2. Game Guardian code to menu

    I see, its pretty hard.. I will try to figure it out, thanks for reply
  3. Does anyone know how to create mod menu for game, like If I would know alot codes for one game and if anyone knows how to create mod menu and put that codes in and allow to modify
  4. Anyone can help to hack this game? I found some stuffs... but I dont know how to find y axis or any other stuff, I know ammo hack and health hack, it on new game forces of freedom, any game guardian experts?
  5. Game Guardian help

    Thanks for your reply, I will try to bypass protection by accessing memory on experimental mode
  6. Game Guardian help

    Hello, anyone knows how bypass android games that have anti-GameGuardian Protection, how to use game guardian on apps that block game guardian(it detects game guardian and goes out of game) How to make game guardian undetected?
  7. Deathrun Portable

    NoFear please delete this threat, because it only brings trouble
  8. Deathrun Portable

    Try to figure yourself, because we dont want fuck this game up with hackers....
  9. Deathrun Portable

    NoFear this post _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later NoFear this post...
  10. Deathrun Portable

    NoFear dont help him.... he is trying to get hacks from you and THEN HE WILL POST ON YT AND HE WILL SAY HE FOUND IT, MAN.... just listen to me, we are bros
  11. Deathrun Portable

  12. Deathrun Portable

  13. Deathrun Portable

  14. Deathrun Portable

  15. Deathrun Portable