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  1. Im not sure it is a good idea, glu patched everything that peoples shared here. So if u find something u better keep it on PM only. And if u find something u can PM me loll.
  2. hey padic, can u confirm if it is still working? i tried several times in 1.0.2 but no luck. thanks
  3. thanks, unfortunately 1.0.2 forced me to update.
  4. is it still working ? need it to get better sluggers, ill try on meMu
  5. oh well, got jailed instantly after changing the Hit stat value to 0. Im starting to miss taps 2016 _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later oh well, got jailed instantly after changing the Hit stat value to 0. Im starting to miss taps 2016
  6. allright thank you.. but gold trick dosent work for me.. either i need to change emulator or root my phone.
  7. so in your video float represent stars and dword the speed ? thx again
  8. do i need to have reached silver level or have a 5 stars player?
  9. yes i did all that and it was showing 49,000. then received email for purchase confirmation but no gold added
  10. ok thx.. dont know what im doing wrong
  11. anyone can confirm its working using android emulator (bluestacks) ?
  12. ive been able to confirm purchase after only editing amount of gold but again ...just lost 6.99$ no gold added to account. did not tried without editing. im scared to loose money again
  13. i did exactly the same as on your video...it show 50,000 for 5,49 CAD but for some reason the gold shop close when i click to buy. Sorry, ifeel so noob right now
  14. Thx ill follow the video later to see what i did wrong. If im using Cad $. Should i search for 400;599;400;699:: instead ? Thx
  15. 50000 maybe cause im using bluestacks ?
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