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  1. oh, i didnt saw that,im sorry, i will try to translate all soon
  2. I finished all the translations if everything is right, check it and tell me
  3. "This translation was created by an automatic translator. You can improve it by using our collective translation service." How i change this ? I translate it directly to french or I say it was translated by forum members ?
  4. Okay, i think i can finish it easily today, i don't even use google trad, maybe there are some little errors and maybe sometimes the english word is hard to translate in french, im sorry for this but i try to translate it properly don't worry
  5. Say to Eneby that i didnt finished the translation, thanks
  6. Finally, i corrected and completed some things in https://gameguardian.oneskyapp.com/collaboration/translate/project/project/103666/language/5#/https://gameguardian.oneskyapp.com/collaboration/translate/project/project/103666/language/5#/ , i will complete all of things yesterday, you can check it. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later And a question, how i can test my translation, can i download the translated app somewhere or you will do it ?
  7. Okay, I will read it now, but i'm tired i can't do it now
  8. Enyby, can I do the translation for the application to french ?
  9. Thanks, i will say to avast its a false positive, keep up the good work and thanks for answering that fast
  10. I installed the new version of GG and when i opened it, my super su says that "catch_.me_.if_.you_.can" can get the root permissions, i hit yes and then another pop-up comes and says if "wbdzirypxtlz" can get root permissions, is this normal, and another thing, avast says that "wbdzirypxtlz" can be dangerous.your device maybe damaged, im scared now, tell if this is normal because i use GG for a while and i never saw this.Thanks
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