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  1. So there's no way to reverse the jump in the Guardian game time?
  2. I have not used the guardian Game to change set values, I used the "time jump" Guardian game and made a 13-day leap forward, but now he is fighting all the time and is restarting the game without stopping. I wanted to know if you have a solution to this problem. .
  3. I did it yesterday I created a new account and made a jump to the 01 of November and presented the same problem to keep restarting every time the game. I waited until today (November 01) and the game did not catch more. I wanted to know if you have to fix this problem?
  4. I will explain my case, 28 October I used the jump in the Guardian game time and did a 13-day jump (November 10), but my game started to lock in case the screen that receives daily and keep restarting . Yesterday October 31, I created a secondary account and made a one-day jump (November 01) and the game began to give the same problem, getting locking and restarting all the time, so I waited until November 01 (today) and when I opened the game, he was not catching. I believe that if I wait until the 10th of November, it may be that my account back to normal without getting restarting.
  5. I used the guardian game and made a leap in time 13 days ... And my game now this restarting every time. So yesterday I did a test, I created an account and made a jump of 1 day, the game became restarting, and this morning I got the time I jumped yesterday and the game was not restarting ... What I want say is that maybe if I wait on normal days, arriving the day I made the leap in time the game returns to normal.
  6. So, I did a test here, I anticipated the game in one day and he began to restart, only to spend that one day usually the game is back to normal, so I believe you have to expect to spend in normal time the days that jump .
  7. I'll try and Support also expect the time I ended up jumping to see if it solves my problem, because I had many epic.
  8. how to make a backup in the game guardian? _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later My only doubt is if I can fix because I can not change the data?
  9. So I have two solutions ... The first would be to find the value that is broken and try to reverse (which is impossible). The second would be to contact the support Scopelly and notify the error and hope they do not notice that I changed the game data.
  10. And the support? _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later There is the possibility, for example, I made a jump in the time of 5 days to pass these days usually the game back to normal?
  11. I always thought, I used the time jump on other occasions and the game always came back to the present day. There is nothing that I can do?
  12. There is nothing I can do to recover my account? Not using a feature of Game Guardian?
  13. Name of Requested File: The Walking Dead Road to Survival Link To Download: Is the game server-sided: Server side Comments: guys, I have a problem, I ended up using the game guardian in the game and now he is restarting all the time, does anyone know how to solve this problem?
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