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  1. Jindraka

    Alien Shooter TD

    Well s***. Now when I try to edit the value for money once you are in a mission, no matter how small the value I "add", the number goes negative and I can't buy anything. Tried re-installing the older version of GG and it still didn't work. For instance, I had 28 for the actual in-mission value for money, I edit the 2 values in GG and "add to value" just 500, and the number in-game suddenly goes to negative 46715.
  2. Jindraka

    Alien Shooter TD

    Thanks for the tutorial. Problem though with the new version of GG (8.6.0). When I go to Unkown > Dword, all the values are negative, like "Dword (-2,147,483,648 - 4,294,967,295), same for all the other search options.
  3. Jindraka

    Alien Shooter TD

    Good lord, that's awesome. You even hacked the crystals. Were you able to change the money when you start a mission?
  4. Jindraka

    Alien Shooter TD

    That would be great!
  5. Jindraka

    Alien Shooter TD

    Ok, fixed it by uninstalling and re-installing GG. But, searching with "Value is encrypted" doesn't help. It gives me the same end results as before. For whatever reason, the value change doesn't want to stick.
  6. Jindraka

    Alien Shooter TD

    When I click on the checkbox for "The value is encrypted" and search, it gives me the error "{536870935} Unknown Error. ERROR detected. Reset search list". Doesn't matter how many times I clear/reset the search or do the search again, even with it unchecked.
  7. Jindraka

    Alien Shooter TD

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sigmateam.alienshooter.towerdefence&hl=en https://apkpure.com/alien-shooter-td/com.sigmateam.alienshooter.towerdefence Android 7.0, Nexus 6P GameGuardian 8.5.13 (1193) When a level loads, I can find the value of the money in-game with GG no problem. Just using "Known Value" and "Any" a couple of times brings up the value. But when I change the value in GG (There are 3 different values, D, W, B. I've tried changing D & W) and go back to the game and earn money, the game continues on as if normal. No altered money value. And when I go back into GG, the value updates to what the new value in-game actually is instead of the altered value I put. Freezing the value doesn't work. Any pointers would be helpful.
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