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  1. Sorry for the SUPPPERRRR late reply, no it doesn't work still :l, I did find out that this problem is a problem for JB Galaxy users, and downgraded to ICS and it worked, although I don't know if this happens to any other phone than the Galaxy series.
  2. I updated to 4.2.2 and It worked for the first time and never after that.
  3. Well I lurked around the help section, could it be a kernel issue?
  4. I have Samsung Galaxy Exhibit and I use regular superuser
  5. Yes! I did look at the General Troubleshooting Guide, I had met all the requirements but still..
  6. I've been using game guardian ever since its release and it worked fine since then, I installed CM10(4.1.2) and now it does not work. My phone is indeed rooted, has set a temp file. I tried installing other JB roms, and it still does not work, is it not compatible with JB? Basically whenever I try to search a value of a game, it would take forever, I even tried waiting 10 minutes, whenever I speed hack, it would not work and if I click the icon again, it will give me the Game Dead message, even GameCIH doesn't work for me now, only GameKiller does. Anyone also have the same problem as me? :l Please don't rage at my 1 post -Thanks in Advance!
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