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  1. Just hack the gold. Why u bother to hack fuel? Everytime u out of fuel, simply buy it.
  2. I've been banned while playing new BMW M5 competition. Hahahah.. Nice knowing u all from all around the world. I'm from Malaysia. Till next time bros. Good bye.. ?
  3. Thanks brother. It works. Are there any other way to hack the gold beside this one?
  4. Hi guys. I wonder why after i bought $5 gold, i only received 55 gold while you guys received 55x13?
  5. I tried in 2 laptops. Both are not working. ??
  6. i trying to reinstall NFS. I tested one by one resolution but still crashed.
  7. Still same. 'Unfortunately, No Limits has stopped.' ?
  8. guys.. how to root bluestack? I tried MemuPlay but cannot play NFSNL. The game crashed while loading.
  9. May I how how this pig give and cut our point in Blackridge Rivals? If i win, i received abput 10 to 25 points but if i lose, they cut my points up to 45. Sorry for my bad words but it really annoyed me. ???
  10. Is currently server down or what? I was unable to play Blackridge Rival as well to upload save data.
  11. Do someone know how to get remaining blueprint for those car we get from the event?
  12. Sorry to ask. What is repetitouch botting? And how to use modded data file?
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