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  1. Need a hack for medals and stuff. Can hack; health of unit, damage and price of stuff when playing the game but unable to change the value of main currencies. It's not server based.
  2. My humblest apologies dear. Actually what I did was very wrong but at the time I wanted the cheat badly that's why I did the wrong thing. Please for give me. U are a fine person and a nice hacker @3113.
  3. Don't worry the truth always gets out. Just keep in mind don't try to fool people alright. If u have info than share if not; u should keep not go out boosting about yourself. Secondly if u didn't wanted to give out the cheat why didn't u say so in the first place that you'll give that "nonexistent" cheat after 7-12 months? Hahaha LMAO
  4. LoL u are just going around and boosting about yourself. You don't know how to hack those traits that's just why u are making up excuses. If u knew any real cheats u would've posted them like "everybody else in this forum". But what can be expected. "LOL" to you.
  5. @3113 Bro if u are specifically sure now that we are dumb and don't know shit... Would u give the trait cheat now? It's been a week and nobody else posted anything as of yet it means that u are only the smartest person. Maybe now your ego is satisfied..?
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