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  1. Hey Enyby, thank you very much for latest version of GG (8.30), almost all my wishes come true. Finally I can use latest version and that much better, than old ones! For me, GG is now near perfect! Thanks again!
  2. Sounds great, thank you very much! I really appreciate your work and communication!
  3. when I go to an adress, I can only edit it with dword-values. But mostly i have float ones. To change it now, i have to convert my desired float value into dword manually. Before versions 8.xx it was integrated and worked fine. I click on a value and when I switch the type, the value gets converted automaticly. It was shown on the screenshots I posted in my start-post. The reason is the same, why I would like to have prediction back. Once I figured out, what is the right value for a certain ingame one (for example an hero-strength: ingame shown 4.5, but in memory it is 4.50000003243), I have to search for that value everytime I start the game and GameGuardian. These values do not change often (in the above mentioned example only when the hero levels up) With the predictions up to version 7.3.6 I start to type that number and have it without knowing the exact one. If I could save these values, would save a lot of time, as I could just recall former searches with one click.
  4. Thank you! Is there any way, I can activate predictions for me only? You did not mention the option to choose the type of editing (dword, float...). Could it be possible to save search values rather than adresses? I mean, save it, that it can be recalled after restart gameguardian? Anyway, I am still happy with GameGuardian, even if I still have to use V7.3.6 it is the best prog out there! But a few features of later versions I would like to use.
  5. Hi, any news on that? One more issue (for me) was introduced with one of the later versions: If I enable the external keyboard, there are predictions any more. As told before, I have to search for very long and unique figures and before, I typed them ones and all later searches I could use keyboards prediction. Therefore, I had not to remember these figures neither to type them. Please allow that keyboard feature again. What would be helpful too, could be the option to save search-values to recall searches (and after restart of GG!). To save adresses does not help much, as they change everytime I open the game again. Thank you very much! I really want to use later versions (>7.3.6), but still old version is the only one which allows me to work with.
  6. My request or question regarding GameGuardian is: Is there any way to automate the search and change the value and maybe some other values nearby too? For example: I search for 1,23456789 and I go to that adress I do not change that value, but values of the next 2 adresses (they have values, which will be found a few 1000 times) Every time, I start the game, I have to do the same procedure and would like to automate it somehow. The search-value and the values which will be changed, are always the same, only adresses change. Is there a way to do it maybe with tasker or similar apps? Thanks for your really good work!
  7. Hi, first, I really love your app, it works great and much better, than any other tools available! With the new version (which is really great improvement!) one feature got lost: when I go to a certain adress and want to change the value, I cant choose the type (Dword, Float...) anymore, in which I wanna enter the new value anymore. In Version 7.3.6 that option was available. In search, I can choose the type, thats fine. But if I change the type, the value doesnt change the type accordingly. It was possible in 7.3.6 too. See the pictures for explanation. These features are preventing the use of GG 8.x so far, as they are essential for me. Most of the time, I search for a very specific value, but have then to change values from adresses nearby the searchresult
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