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  1. i pay 10€ PSC for help !!!!!
  2. Hey i need a mod apk for Castle clash, i have a tutorial but dont understand it =( i dont understand step 1-5 and unlimited energy... I dont know how i find the hero skill..... My english is not good, maybe somemone can post a tutorial in German? I have installed the game, patcht with lucky patcher and startet... Now i have the "1hit hack" in hbm but when i start dungeon or normal fights then I AM the one hit !!!!! i want unlimeted Energy and 1hit in dungeons ang hbm, i hope somone can help me !!!! Here is the turorial with downloads: -install Schloss Konflikt 1.2.22 mods: http://goo.gl/vUev5b -Don't open! -install lucky patcher mods : http://goo.gl/GZwmGQ -open lucky patcher -click Schloss Konflikt 1.2.22 -click open of menu patches -click custom patch -select v22welle.com.igg.castleclash_de -apply -wait,,,,,launch and enjoy!!! *if crash/force close* download root explorer open root explorer go to ROOT/DATA/DATA/COM.IGG.CASTLECLASH_de/LIB MOVE libgam1.so , libgam2.so move here to root/system/lib launch game!!! skill hack: Step 1/ Find your hero skill value (eg: druid = 19857443) you will always get 9 results for each hero Step 2/ On each found result, open "Nearby Memmory List" => find the line with the value 1074737971 (scroll up) => Tap and choose "Add to list". The new address should be added to result list Step 3/ change the value of the added address to "1999999999" => click on hero base to check if its the right address. If not, repeat step 2 with another address. If the hero score changed to "2147483647" it the right address for that hero Step 4/ choose save address or just note the address on paper Step 5/ Reset SB hack, search 1074737971 find the noted address from the result list and note which line is it (eg: my druid's hero address is on 53rd line) and note down the position of that hero's address. DONE p/s: this progress is the most time consuming but once you found all address, the address positions in result list of 1074737971 will never change. -----Skills hack----- 1/ Tap hold the hero address 2/ Nearby Memory List 3/ Scroll down until you find your hero skill code and change the value of the skill you want -----Unlimited energy----- 1/ Tap hold the hero address 2/ Nearby Memory List 3/ Scroll down until you find something like 4010xxxx just change it to 40108288
  3. Hi, i need a hack for Ice Age Adventure, hope anyone can help me
  4. Its given a Lovoo hack or modded apk with VIP or credits ? Hopfully for help =)
  5. Hey guys, i looking for cheats // hacks // modded apk for both of games, i hope anyone can help... Jungle Heat Diamant or Gold or Oil hack // cheat // modded apk Dragons of Atlantis Rubi hack // cheat // modded apk im hopfully for help
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