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  1. Rooted through Magisk (Not TWRP). No I'm not running it in Virtual space or anything. Downloaded it from this website. Bug happens when launching a game that auto rotates the screen sideways on Android 11. Game Guardian works great on games that doesn't rotate the screen. I keep thinking maybe it's the default launcher that came with the phone tho I haven't tried another one. Yeah that works if I rotate the phone sideways before launching into the game so that's a temp fix there.
  2. Hi. I have a rooted Motorola G10 Phone running Android 11 and game guardian is giving me issues. When a game requires my phone to be rotated the Game Guardian logo does not rotate with the game and completely freezes up to where I can't open it or move it or even tap it. Any game that doesn't rotate my phone sideways game guardian works on those but if some games do rotate game guardian doesn't work. Is there a possible fix for this? I've tried factory resetting my phone several times already thinking it's a bug. I also thought it was just gametime that came with the phone was causing it but that's disabled and it still happens. Like I said it's running Android 11. As you can see with the screenshot the Game guardian logo in the middle didn't rotate with the game and I can't click it or move it either... it's like it's turned itself into a picture.
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