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  1. isn't I already said it :/? there's 2 way... if it's not work if you hit the next day and restart, then don't hit the next day and restart (the drawback is you just need to reenter the battle, that's it)
  2. so I've just found something, there's 2 ways... the value will change if you: restarting after "not continuing to the next day" (the value is changed on me using this step when I use my modded 1.4.3 apk, on my late progressed game) or... restarting after "continuing to the next day" (the value is changed on me using this step when I use my official 1.4.6 play store, on my new gameplay) so it means we have a certain factor when it will work...
  3. so I start a fresh new in my official app, but... looks like something is wrongs with this step? whenever I restart the game, it keep bringing me back to start of battle... so I improvise I still collect the gold as the last reward, and skip the reward screen so it brings me back to the next day.. restart the game, and voila 1.000.000 gold achievement lol so in conclusion you need to continue from reward screen I hope this works too in modded version @BadAtEveryGame, you've just asked when I'm typing this lol, tell me the result if you're using modded version
  4. First of all, thank you very much, I really appreciate your help ? I want to start new game in latest version (1.4.6), since the MOD 1.4.6 is bugged with "can't use skills" and "can't save the progress", so... Here is my current log>>> So I reset my game data (MOD 1.4.3). I open the game once again (MOD 1.4.3) and buy all the necessary stuff that needs Devil Stone (Packs 'n Clothes). I back it up using Titanium Backup. And then I buy the official one from Play Store (1.4.6). Test the game, and nothing wrongs with save file and skills since it's the official (paid) version, and then I exit the game. I restore my data from Modded Version hoping the item is back. Yes, all of the item is back to the game (packs and clothes), but the Devil Stones is minus 8k (who cares? I've got all the item). And I play a New Game, and following your instruction. but... When I restart the game, the game is resetting, doesn't save my progress... like when I use modded 1.4.6 is that the case with you @AspKom? or is it because I use the save data from modded apk? btw can you hack devil stones too so I don't need to use my save data from modded apk?
  5. I'm currently using version 1.4.3 (the old version) but I can only cheat it once
  6. hey @AspKom the first time i try it, it works, i follow this xor tutorial first (using Dword), and then I freeze the value, and exit the game, and whoa it works... but the next time I use it, bump! it failed (both continuing the current game or start the new game). Every time I exit and reenter the game, the value doesn't change. and i try to unfreeze it, and nothing change again, can you help me? I'm using Nox I already tried it 4-5 time in a single game, doent work, i wonder maybe the first time it works just a fluke ? @mapleshilc and sir how do you make it work the second time, in a new game
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