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  1. Small update too this. You can prevent the detection of a rooted device. You need a Rootet smartphone together with xpose. The search for Device C on the download section. There should be 1 module that disables the device check etc. Your Phone appears legit and you can play with a rooted phone forever.
  2. Works fine 12 hours in now. Xpose works without problems just hide root for Fire emblem and everything works fine. At least for me Samsung galax S7 Edge Strange seemsa lot of people have the same problem. I wonder why it is working for me..
  3. Just use hide root and you are fine.
  4. hehe I am fine already. At the Moment I am searching for the value inside the dll so I can create a mod that gives Blue Cards a hard value of 3500 green cards get 2100 red cards get 4000 and black gets 2000 as well as white cards who get 2000 as well. But I actually need to add some lines too the dll files. But so far it works with Blue and Red the rest is refered in another way witch is strange but I will find it soon
  5. Ohh well that is easy thanks a lot for this! Tryed too merge my 2 post. Got a 1 star card with lvl one. But the game crashes half way through trying. I really envy you. It seems I am just way too dump for all this. Edit: Now I finally did understand. Thanks a lot for the help!! (Means it works)
  6. I just made a video. Please check it and tell me how stupid I am. 2016_12_08_16_37_41_16_46_1316_49_21.mp4
  7. Here you go king Arthur is not needed only the blue one would be enough. But no madder what card no values change do i nee too refesh the card after an edit? So that I can see a. Change on it? Tried the green one but that won't work at all it even only has 75 found adresses. The green one here only has 75 found addresses dword. Still no change q.q
  8. I never knew you could do increment edits. In GG holy. Damn why did I never bother too watch some tutorials.. ahh the arrogance when you use programms like this for years. Saddly even that doesn't seem too work. Game crashes everytime I try too refresh the Value. is there a way to edit more than 100 values at once? or do I need 100 at a time? Ok I changed too another card found the adress range as well. Saddly. No madder what I do. Nothing changes. *crying saddly
  9. that explains a lot of this... *sight. How do you find the value? you just search for the dword and then go through all the hundret possibilitys?
  10. This actually helps me a lot. And you can check the exact valuse if you zoom in too the card. Dword hmm so i was right after all but no madder what I search or change nothing happens. If you try to mod it it is Get_attack (hero modifier) Or the Get_AttackGrowth (hero modifier) But I won't accept that I can not do this. Arghhh thanks! Edit: NVM I am either too stupid or I am not seeing the wodd full of trees (German hersay) Ok Normaly I am pretty good with Hex Editing. Heck I even Mod apks. I can not belive this can't be done by me without help. I mean I even know the approximate range.. *crys silently.* 1 more question. When do you edit the values, outside of a quest or as soon as a quest starts ?
  11. Could you tell me what you did exactly? Is it a Word? I can not seem too find anything. I mean HP enemy HP and attack as wel as time is easy too Change but base damage? Please enlight me senpai and explain I would be most greatfull. I even tried too creat a mod that gives me a base attack of 3500 but they seem to check the assemply csharp.dll
  12. So hello there I have been playing this game here. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.n3twork.legendary&hl=en I found a lot of moddable stuff for easy gaming. And I know there are mods out there for higher damage value. But I just can't seem too find it. I am dying inside. I can change so much in this game but the damage done from my heros are non of these things. Can someone please help me? I also tried too edit th csharp.dll so I do not need to do the Game guardian every time but saddly it was a bit too complicated for me. I wish game Guardian was like cheat engine with pointer scan and scripting capabilitys. Holy that would be nice.
  13. Hey there my Name is Tiberius or Tibi for friends my syno is RedScaledOne I am a 23 Year Old Programmer who works for the Military and I enjoy playing games on android as freely as Game guardian allows me too I live in Germany Lower Saxony to be precise and hope to get you all knowing save and sound. Ohh and I am currently playing with the Idea of buying VIP for a lifetime but I am not sure if you guys have the stuff I am searching for
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