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  1. Well there's a problem. If I do this before using the lottery script it doesn't do anything because there's nothing to remove. If I use the lottery script first, the game instantly detects it and tells me to restart. Also I can't do any search either. I need to find a way to hide gg from the game. Even tried a virtual space and it still didn't work. Forgot to quote
  2. Well, I did that but the game is still detecting it. I even tried selecting them all but none of them Does it still work for you? I don't know what's changed since the last update.
  3. So the game just had an update (v22.7.1) and everytime I load the script and try to change a value, a pop-up appears on the screen saying 'hacking attempt detected - restart the game'. So yeah I don't think it's working anymore but I would like to know if it's still working for anyone else because I've been using this for a while now and I was also being very careful with the values. I still have all of my stuff so I didn't get banned or anything yet. Yeah, please someone let me know if it's just me or if the devs did something about this, thanks.
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