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  1. How did u chose typedefindex.did u chose it randomly,because when I chose a number below my class name,it didn't seem to appear on dump.cs.And u don't have to dump libil2cpp or global metadata ryt?because they r already in ur file browser?I didn't see any libil2cpp on xa code.In data-app-lib-arm64 I didn't find any file.i found it in arm64×v8.plz solve it
  2. When I pointer search a value or copy the address of that value and search it in hex,I can't see any results.Especially when copying the address it says out of range,I do auto search and then 0 results.why is this happening?what am I doing wrong and how to find the correct pointer of the value
  3. I just installed a game.i can change values with simple known search but whenever I change it,the game resets everything ryt away.ive changed currencies,goods, energy and stuff but it doesn't stay.So is this a server sided game and uncheatable?
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