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  1. I know. I tested it in the new version they have some kind of ptrace detection which causes that. I changed the arm converter anyways so it works now. It was due to arm converter
  2. it does. go on pixel gun 22.6.0 and enable xa: code app region in gameguardian settings
  3. works on android 7 emulator for me cause i made it for this version
  4. dunno cause it does work for me and its not only me thats saying that
  5. Very cool. I suggest u add the feature to edit the last edited value to get coins and vip from sets. So in sets u can edit to 0 and when the last roll is vip or coins you can edit to high value and get coins or vip
  6. Just wait in the lobby for 5 mins or longer. Basically I mean interact with the game, claim rewards and buy stuff
  7. idk cause 2 people have already told me that it works fine just a little buggy
  8. hah7126


    hm this is cool but it makes config file stop working
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