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  1. Script ended: Loading time 100000 load list -> 0.00000000000000007 Loading time 100000 setValues -> 5699.009999999902684 Before arguing, you yourself should raise the level of knowledge.
  2. you can, but how do you plan to detect a specific number?
  3. why do you continue to use these ancient methods of patching, there are loadlists that are faster and easier to update and take less code and are more amenable to obfuscation
  4. this is a method offset NOT a field.
  5. I have offsets in il2cpp, this is not a search in some kind of anonymus
  6. try to search for this quantity and the price of the item in a group search, such data is usually located next to each other.
  7. this is a reverse hexadecimal form, if you need this value in DWORD then this is 1384120564
  8. buddy what kind of freeze is it generally a change in the library where the values cannot be returned, I have not so much a noob question lol.
  9. no. i have no problems with dump or patch of functions, once again i have a problem that the function will work only if it is run in the game lobby if i try to run this function already in the game then i will not see the result, i.e. the game in the lobby creates certain parameters that cannot be changed in the game. My question is how can I change these settings in the game and not in the game lobby.
  10. Standoff 2 game, update method hook I saw on Lover1500 channel like this
  11. There is a game in which functions only work if they are included in the lobby, I know that you can somehow hook the Update() methods in the right classes so that the functions are launched not only in the lobby, please explain.
  12. you can look in the dump for something like isPremium and return true.
  13. zolotov_official0

    dump lib

    theoretically, if the game is written in c# as in unity, then you can get dump.cs
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