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  1. I was wondering if someone could tell me if i am able to hack the pack's chance and drop rate to only drop one specific card? Many thanks.
  2. it doesnt show anything. when i search 144670709. it should show atleast 30 values. but mine shows 3. and i search what tower im on. im on battle 100 therefore i search 9;0;9;9;0;9::21. it doesnt show anything but "not values shown"
  3. I've tried all of the memory ranges and have no values. I even used a script and that didn't work. Although this only happens on the game Mortal Kombat and works on other games.
  4. So whenever I search for a value e.g. 9;0;9;9;0;9::21 there's no values that show. Whenever I search for any value it does not show what it's supposed to it just show "no values found". I'm using a rooted Google Pixel 3a with Android 11
  5. Can I revert my cloud save data, or is it permanent?
  6. So i did the game guardia hack for the Shao Kahn tower and after a bit the game crashed. note i used a one day time jump. and now its asking for a data connection i used both wifi and data. used laptop and phone, even re-installed but still showed the same error
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