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  1. 1. Find the value of the cumulative number of Lucky Draw
    2. Change all values to 549
    3. Buy something with diamond or spin the Magic Draw
    4. Save cloud
    5. Spin the lucky draw to get lucky medal
    6. Then look up all those values to find out which one reset to 0
    7. After you found it, change it to 549 and hit the freeze button
    8. Spin 10x to get many lucky medals


  2. I could hack most of items not diamonds (actually, I could but it takes too long for a small quantity) in this game These are examples:image.png.08f5cc5a38c44f85dc8d9883a2ef841c.png 
    anyone desires to hack pls message me to request or you could contact me through email: [email protected]
    I can guarantee that it cannot be banned unless you leak your account id or hacked item images with your name ingame

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