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  1. I think it would be very useful when the 5-star order event comes
  2. You could hack many npcs having the same heart lv at once like this video
  3. You can use this hack to hack magic draw or any ads too
  4. my nox crashes all the time when I simultaneously record and hack. Maybe I'll try it next time
  5. You could hack ads to skip malnufaction. However, you cannot change the value above 5, but you can freeze it
  6. Yeah I could but you have to reach 5 or 6 hearts already to find the maximum value easily I'll post the guide when I have time
  7. The value you have to find is the score you currently have in the event
  8. Could you hack more items at once without being detected ? Or you just did one and the next time you hack got detected ?
  9. Like I said, Besides GG tool, I found a bug that I could hack easily. If I posted it on, staffs of HT would know and fix it You could hack items by GG without this bug but it takes lots of time.
  10. Generally, you could only change the value of items to 99 or 999. But with the bug I found, it could be changed to any value
  11. Hey guys, I recently found a huge bug of this game. Anyone who would like to hack pls message me or contact me via [email protected] These are examples: (There are other things you could hack but I just show you 2 interesting items)
  12. I could hack most of items not diamonds (actually, I could but it takes too long for a small quantity) in this game These are examples: anyone desires to hack pls message me to request or you could contact me through email: [email protected] I can guarantee that it cannot be banned unless you leak your account id or hacked item images with your name ingame
  13. Recently, I could change value of some items (not diamond, gold, h-coin). However, the increment value I add was usually detected. There are several steps I got from failures though it's not always succesful 1. Save the game then turn off wifi. 2. Change value > refine > ... like you said ,but I just add "1" increment value (some items you can add 90 but some are just 1) in the end. If it didn't kick out, I turn on wifi and save it. After saving it, I couldn't do the same thing. It's definitely detected in the next time. I have to play for about 2-3 hours (I don't know how but after that time, it works again). I tried freezing the value but it didn't work when I turn on the wifi, and sometimes the game stopped when I save it. I don't know how the hacking detection works. Could you give me some help, pls ?
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