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  1. The reason you might not be able to spend hacked coins or gems because game must be contacting the server to double check. It was the same deal with coc when it was new i was able to change values of upgrade but it would still not work and after a min game would force restart. Its very hard or impossible to hack server sided games.
  2. Barrels are in Dword anonymous region Just search and refine you'll be left with 2 values edit them both. Since game is incompatible with my potato device it lags like hell so I wasn't able to hack coins
  3. I have the same issue I'm running Android 11 (rooted) What I do to fix is just open YouTube or something and search for 1 Auto Then open the game again and it works for some reason
  4. How did you change the rewards : ?
  5. Ok I think I have found a way to hack Diamonds Lvl 13 reward is 15 diamond Lvl 15 reward is 7500 gold So do a group search 15;7500 Region anonymous Dword Refine to 15 There'll be lot of 15 results you can edit them with incremental to find the main value or just edit them all both work Change it to 100000000 I haven't made it to lvl 13 yet so I can't check if it will work but I'm pretty confident that it will work
  6. Do you know how can we erase data of this game ? I reinstalled but it's still showing my old bugged account I never connected through fb or Google
  7. it did kinda work my value was in minus and I just removed the minus sign to see what happens and somehow it showed that I completed whole levels even tho I was on level 5 my stars remained same tho now reinstalling game to try again lol
  8. Drop star hack I just want to fix stuff
  9. Hi Can anyone help with this game Play Store Been trying to hack XP Points,Stone,Iron,Gold,Nobles etc tried encryption and fuzzy search but no luck Help?
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