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  1. MjR

    Postknight 2

    I just found out that we can use speed hack and time jump for something like speed up reset tim and npc gift. It's just what worked...
  2. MjR

    Postknight 2

    I found coin and gems value at DWORD and QWORD. I change it, then i try to spending these. When I spend it i got error code that seems like the game detected changed value. And the coin and gems back to original number when restarted. Did anyone know how to get around the protection?
  3. MjR

    Art inc

    I know how to hack money and gems. but, did anyone know how to unlock all characters using game guardians? Or making the 1 - 4 stars draw time faster? Speed hack seems not fast enough.
  4. MjR

    Pro permit

    Is there was a way for me to get free Pro permit?
  5. It's working, thanks you soooo much.
  6. So, i did a mistake that change my soul egg to a number that I can't see full. Did anyone know how to find it?, I already do much prestige after that tho. So, the number must be already changed from what I change. Bad English, i know. Ask if you don't understand. Thanks in advance.
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