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  1. Okay thanks for the reply but I feel that the value which i'm looking is not in any memory range I did every possible setting on gg just like 1)encrypted search 2)unknown Fuzzy search on auto 3)selected all memory Ranges 4) tried all gg old and new versions 5)tried changing deep read to yes access to memory : Extended, Experimental 7)installed 32bitgg on 32/64bit virtual space simultaneously installed 64bit gg on 32/64 bit Virtual space simultaneously tried on 5,6,7,9,10 android versions and finally found that there's something related to architecture and processor Somehow it finds value on 32bit Quad core processor and 64bit hexa core processor, but not on 64bit octa core.I tried to find the reason but I couldn't thought someone would know about this on forum who can help me...
  2. Well Guys thank You for the reply But it's really happening with every device now now if you want to try or not it's up to you, but I need a solution for this I have recorded some videos i'm gonna send it check that for 32bit game guardian it needs to search double the value but for 64 it doesn't need, for 64bit device it doesn't find value even I selected all ranges. the value I found in the second device was in Anonymous (A).I'm confused why it doesn't find it..?, so well i'm attaching the video below have a look and sorry for my bad English 20210611-1_1818.mp4 20210611_480p.mp4
  3. I've tried some games to hack these days I found out that some games show nothing found when I refine first I thought it might be some protection from app then I tried same app in arm 32 bit quad/hexa core device but it found out the value I tried to hack other games on 64bit it works fine I tried tap counter it works fine the problem is with these apps even I asked my friends too they also didn't find it in 64bit (octa core) I don't know why is this happening it happens with me for many of the games can someone explain me this and can this be solved a reply would be appreciated!!
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