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  1. How to use a speedhack? The message "no x86 libraries" appears MonkeySAN used it somehow here - https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/32390-days-bygone/?do=findComment&comment=118499.
  2. I already figured it out myself. Here is the instruction: 1) go to the store for gold 2) enter into the search 2 numbers of gold, which is bought as Double (if the exact number is unknown, for example 7.50K, then search like this: 7450~7550. "~" means from to search from number to number) (example - 384;755) 3) You should get 2 variables as a result, if more than 2, then look for more values. Select the smallest variable and click "go to address", then go to the three variables above and change the third variable from 0 to 4 (0 - gold, 1 weapon box, 2 - hero tickets, 3 - elixir, 4 - rubies, all of you you can still experiment and see other values) The order of the variables is as follows: 0 (Change this, if nothing has changed, take the variable 1 above (it should be 0) 10 0 your found variable 4) Now you can buy, if you don't have enough, then you can change the found variable to a larger number (when you leave the store, the currency price is reset) (Also, do not wind up a lot of currency, it seems that for 99999 rubies I was banned after a couple of hours. Now I have 9-20 thousand of all currencies on my account, everything is fine) 5) That's it, enjoy it
  3. hp/mana hack - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKUzWjaNe2s - 9:30. I could only change the price in the elixir store (after 51 waves it will be open), nothing came of gold. Just look for the price value and change it to negative.
  4. Thanks, but how did you change the currency?
  5. Sorry for the English, I'm from Ukraine. Sure. Almost everything I changed had no effect, or just visually. Another problem in the screenshot. The first screenshot of the heroes, the rubies you see is a visual error that I cannot get rid of, so to speak, the fake rubies blocked the real ones (like a picture overlaid on a picture). The second screenshot, the number of tickets of my heroes is fully displayed here, but I have already wandered somewhere and, unfortunately, they turned out to be negative. If it helps, then here is: The amount of gold, rubies (not sure), hero tickets, boxes with weapons, the price in the elixir store (opens after 51 waves, the value changes and remains the same) are of double type. Health and Mana - Dword Type
  6. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.frivolition.daysbygone&hl=es Just hack it to hell. I only managed to change the elixir: check the price in the store. But the rest is problematic, I found a lot of things, but I can't change Thanks in advance
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