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  1. First of all i'm newbie to GG. I didn't understand a single thing about these .lua scripts and all. If i wrote any idiotic things, sorry Device - PC, Windows 10 Emulator - LD Player Root Permission - Enabled Game - Free Fire Android Version - 7.1.2 My Problem - I'm not using any cloning apps and I've not installed any roms or that kinda stuffs. I only have game guardian, lua script and the game. I've tried a lot of scripts [more than 20] and not even a single one worked for me. Whenever i run a script it shows activated, but i can't see it activated also after a few seconds game dead. For example, i activate antenna, it shows activated, after 4 or 5 seconds the game dead. PLSSs HELP MEEE. THIS HAPPENS TO ALL MY SCRIPTS. This is the script I'm trying now - Revealed SoulEven Free Fire ANTIBAN Script V19.lua EDIT: Now i changed some settings according to this video - The script now actually worked but after 2 seconds the game dead. help me plss
  2. I also have some other issues on using game guardian can you please help me ?
  3. Can somebody tell me which version of GG should I download for LDPlayer. When I go to the download page it shows 2 download button. Which one is for LDPlayer ?
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