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  1. I could have sworn i tried everything possible, including unencrypted double search but ya swooped in with an answer that was oh so easy. Thanks @NoFear and thank you for the verification on that too @zam535582 I got it to work now, even modifying "Idle Apocalypse", a similar game by the same creator. @NoFear, one last thing....maybe.....how did you know the value type based on the game? Just experience? Thanks, Sam
  2. Is it typical, even for offline games, to not be able to directly edit how much of something you have like this game? Like i can see for example that i have 12.6k money, but I can't seem to find that value. However using the search and increment on this one we just change "price" to negative and so on.
  3. All the time i spent and it wasnt even encrypted! Haha thanks for that one. Did you try to get that same method to work for other values like the money, etc? Those are the ones i have attempted the most.
  4. Hi All, Hoping someone can help me to realize why I can't find some values.....any values......aside from me being a rookie i have searched everyway i know how such as unencrypted auto, dword, float, double, byte in a few situations, and then all of them as encrypted. I've tried fuzzy, fuzzy with known change. Tried ordered searches too. Failed all around. Often getting values that change back, i change the value and it has no effect, or sometimes the game just crashes. If you see the attached, one of the many things I've tried to change are the "skill points". Using methods mentioned above i can narrow down some values but never any luck. I've been trying for a week!! Haha. Any thoughts anyone? Ask questions if ya got them. thanks, Sam
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