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  1. Jyxz


    So anything with get accessories offset if i edit it should work?
  2. Jyxz


    i have the value of aimlock thath is.3.14f .How do i make the aimlock always lock any idea??? Already freeze it still the same.If i edit it higher or lower than 3 the aimlock will switch offIf u askme about lookingin adress i already did
  3. Jyxz

    Modding libs

    Haha.I know but i dont know how to use the dumper..I dun quite understand the step.Can you help me??
  4. Jyxz

    Modding libs

    I want to ask.Like Gameguardian we can use to mod libs like libil2cpp.so.But what if its for LibUE4.so .Can we?
  5. Bro i want to ask.Im doing the same method with you buttttt im doing it on libUE4.so.Is still the same right???
  6. Jyxz


    I already dump the libue4.so and i currently want to hack the recoil values.The question is.I dont know which offset hold the recoil value because there are certain things.Anyone can help?
  7. Thanks man.I will try it later.Do you have any social media because i have so much to ask.If u want to help me ofcourse
  8. When you want to change the 10-15 value,You did it on float or dword?
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