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  1. Yeah I did notice that thanks for the help tho
  2. @sodaface OK so I'm trying to figure out how to find a way to get money I tried to change the value of the boost thing but it just gives me the original amount if u need more explanation feel free to tell me https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.extremedevelopers.rageofcarforce There u go
  3. @sodaface sorry for the at but your the most reliable person I know
  4. Was good peeps I need some people we can put our brain together ik we can figure out something To get the 50000000 just do 1000;1000 dword value and anonymous then from there yall could see what happens if I find anything useful I edit the post ty in advance morg.mp4
  5. Hello people I'm again trying to brake anti cheat on random games Is definitely interesting I definitely had this happen to me in other games Hope ya'll have ever luck them me Anyone know why it happens Screen_Recording_20210411-232624_X8 Sandbox.mp4
  6. Can someone please tell me why does this happen I just wanted to hack this bc I saw it Screen-Recording-20210316-013417.MP4
  7. Thanks for the help man [added 0 minutes later] Thank you
  8. This game koS king of streeing peeked my interest i gave it a shot i modified the coins in the shop by doing 5 ;50;100 and then by value by 1 so it becomes like 20 21 22 and so on but then I tried to load the game as it is loading hack my coins and then I modified then it said I was banned for having too much illegal coins so I know it works. Well I think can someone that more experience tell me what they can come up with. Thanks
  9. Was up hows it going i had a question for you since u know lots of ways around gg you think is possible to hack this game I tried some things like changing i cost of the upgrades but it's a little hard to make the searches come down then I tried to modify the money (example 2000;10) I got the search down to 14 by wasting cash then I edited to 199999 then the game crashes i know it changes bc it won't just crash. Thanks in Advance
  10. Can anyone hack this game i tried but every time I actually change the value I know the game value changes but the game crashes Can some try and see if u have luck
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