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  1. are there any LUA scripts which doesnt encrypted? https://gameguardian.net/forum/forum/98-lua-scripts/ all the lua scripts i open look similar like this LuaR “ K ¥ À ̃ € ß € 3 đŸ›¡ï¸ Encryption By ModsLua%VenegasYTModsđŸ›¡ï¸ A =e @ K ‹
  2. hi Do you know how to speed up Simcity Buildit Epic Cooldown time (pls see screendump below, you need to wait 12h before you could start a new epic project)? I had tried to search (again & again) for 41100 or 41100000 just before Epic watch shows 11h 25m. Almost impossible to hit the exact value I guess. I guess inside the app there is a time down to second, e.g 11:25:00 and then 11:24:59....to hit the second it is almost impossible. My question are: 1) will you please add wildcards for the search function in GG, e.g "41100*" will search for all numbers starting with 41100 "41100??" will hit if the number is 4110035 or 4110045 ... 2) we could speed up time in simcity, just like 12x, is it possible? Thanks for the great GG
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