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  1. Hey I've made Discord Server where I've uploaded several detailed step-by-step guides on using GG with Simcity Buildit latest build (sept. 2020) including screenshots and explanations of values as best I could. Anyone wants access just add me on Discord at N3M0#2414 (thats a zero) and ill add you. Good luck
  2. Mr_N3M0

    Simcity buildit

    Hey, per request from some of my club members I have created a Discord server with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use GG with simcity buildit most recent build (sept. 2020) including screenshots and explanations for search values as best I could. Currently I've only completed the guides for installing Parallel and GG and the supporting apk if needed, using achievments to get vast amounts of SimCash, and replacing ordinary manufactured items with war cards in order to max attacks. I'l have ones for production slots, war items, and epic projects within a couple days. Hopefully I'll be able to add one for platinum keys too if I ever figure it out lol Anyone who would like access to my guides just shoot me a friend req. On DC at N3M0#2414 (thats a zero) and im happy to add you. Good luck
  3. Mr_N3M0

    Simcity buildit

    I have yet to figure out EXP since the update
  4. There are still several ways in which to use GG effectively with Simcity Buildit. You can find methods for simCash, war cards, war items, and epic projects with a pretty quick Google search. The only big thing that still hasn't been figured out it seems is platinum keys. But still far from "useless"...
  5. I have tried everything i can think of without success. if anyone can figure out how to add platinum keys please let me know!
  6. I have still been able to place cards in my manufactories. locate the card list with 53;4;19;49;40 then refine to 53. should leave you with 24 or 25 results. those are the cards. I copy their addresses one by one over a regular manufactured item like iron or wood. make sure to add the "h" and select the directed address from the drop don list (also should end with an "h"). Also works with putting war items in manufactories but you can use the items value rather than address for that. Achievements cash rewards still working for me as well. Only thing i can't figure out is platinum keys now.
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