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  1. The Asphalt 8 Database with The car IDs is already here on the forum, you just need to search for it...
  2. Is there any way through the Game Guardian, to force the AI Racers from Career to have the same rank as you? This already happens in Quick Race mode. However, in career mode, even if you have a car with a lower rank than the recommended rank from the race, AI Racers still seem slow. Is there any way to fix this, based on the algorithm used in Quick Race? Probably Enyby is the only one here with knowledge about it...
  3. I already have the car IDs, but none of the hacking methods are working in version 5.4.0o of the game, or would it be my mistake? For example Trion Nemesis 131;5;5;5;5:17 ( or ::17 ) not worked for me. The new method I see here doesn't work as well. Also, I would like to know if if I hack a Hidden Car that cost credits, will I be banned? My attempts would be through replacing the ID (classic method) or through Mastery (replacing the reward for the car), but none of the methods worked for me ( The Mastery tutorial here on the forum is the old one)
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