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  1. I restored the list of cities for teleport hack. The table contains the names of cities and their coordinates. The first pair is the coordinates of the city. The second pair is the coordinates of a special area (settlements of survivors, abandoned bases, etc.). I also made a video about searching for coordinates (I apologize for the quality). !!! in previous versions of the game, transport broke down along with teleportation, SO DO IT WITHOUT EQUIPPED TRANSPORT !!! belaz and legs are exceptions))) guide.mp4 map.txt map.xlsx
  2. You are absolutely right, it was a misprint, in reality there is 0.0416 (it was possible to track the pattern in the table).
  3. You can level up by creating cars (experience is always awarded for crafting cars): First of all, with the help of teleport hack and dupe (by Sraksis), you achieve the level of crafting the first car (crafting items), and then create cars until you achieve the required level (need ~1500 first cars - the longest way) This method is much faster than books, but also more difficult. About teleport hack: The upper-left corner is the starting coordinates (y increases when moving down, x increases when moving to the right). Using a fuzzy search, you searching coordinates(FLOAT) of the character, and then change them (do this without equipped transport!!!) I made a map with the coordinates of big cities, if I can find it, I will send it.
  4. tools can be found in Murmansk and multiply, sulfuric acid falls from boxes(there is a box at the military base in Murmansk) and it can also be multiply. for sulfuric acid, you buy 1 set from the players and multiply it. What is the problem?
  5. You can use multiplied items to reach the level of crafting the first car, and then make it in large quantities (≈1300) to reach level 100. It takes me 40 minutes, I buy a crafting kit from other players
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