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  1. Thank you. I have it all up and running perfectly now. Thanks everyone for all your help
  2. Thank you so much. I know I'm a complete noob and I'm probably making your eyes roll. How do I know which version to use. I'm on Android v9 I want to use if for the game Sims Free Play.
  3. That's what I am trying to find out. Is it dangerous or is my anti virus just picking it up because it's a hack tool?
  4. I asked my antivirus to ignore the app and it half installed. I got so far but it asked if my phone was rooted or not. As it is not rooted it asks for a virtual environment. Sorry I'm new to this. Do you have a trusted linked to a VE please?
  5. Mario - that was from another site that needed the activation code. The one I downloaded from here gets flagged as malware by my antivirus software and deleted when I press resolve!
  6. I've tried to install Game Guardian from a few sources. Two installed and ran - but when I followed the instructions to rate the app - so I could get my activation code - it took me to a link with a spinning loading wheel and stayed there for ages. I gave up eventually and uninstalled those iterations. Then I came here. Installed it, but it's been picked up as containing malware by my antivirus and when I hit resolve it deleted the app. How on earth do people get this app to work? All help appreciated. Thanks in advance
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