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  1. Jonny77


    How to search ‘Xa’ on iOS. iGG available iGameGod and dlg available. Also how can i search string on ios.
  2. Jonny77


    I wanna know how to search and modify utf-8 values on iOS. I heard utf-8 is the same as C String so if i search a utf-8 value in C String i should be able to edit it like that or is there a different method for utf-8?
  3. Jonny77

    Q Word

    Thanks for getting back to me. Thats fine but is there another way? I have computer if its necessary. Or any other memory editor?
  4. Jonny77

    Q Word

    Wowow thanks alot. Any idea for UTF-8?
  5. Jonny77

    Q Word

    I want to know the Q Word Configuration equivalent on DLG for ios or iGameGod. Any help would be appreciated :)
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