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  1. TiahhCF

    Speed hack - Engine

    Hello, i would like to get help. I am trying to do a speed hack without root / without any virtual machine. I watched your speed hack, tested the https://x8speeder.com/ and the CIH Speed hack... all works fine. Am i the only one that doesn't know how to do that? I am trying to search online a solution or something that could help me to figure it out... could you help me? I tried to hook gettimeofday() in a library of a game, but this makes only crash the game. I tried to get the mainLooper and post my Runnable but this didn't work too. May you give me a suggestion on what to do? A tutorial? Regards, - Tiahh
  2. @Enyby What do you mean by unknown? You can't tell it?
  3. Hello, i am a java developer i would like to ask what game guardian does for change the time in the game? Does it hook System.currentTimeMillis() or something like that? how?
  4. Hello, i am developing a java application and i want to turn faster my app, i used game guardian and it works. What game guardian does? Does it change a value? or use a java code for speed the game? Please help.
  5. Yes, but i need a specific value, what game guardian does for make the change the speed of the game?
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