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  1. Okay then, thanks! Is it true that GG can override system values? Last question i promise
  2. Hey everyone, I know this has been asked before and stuff but the answers given does not answer my question. I'm asking this because i want to use GameGuardian but i've had an experience before with Game Killer with my rooted device. I don't know what i did but my phone got somewhat stuck in a boot loop and took like 3 days for me to fix it up (and yes, it was GameKiller's fault), and since that time i'm scared to install such apps that modify values and stuff. So i want to know if GameGuardian could do the same thing and mess up with my device or something similar (and, or if there is something i can do to avoid that). Thanks in advance! EDIT: My actual device is new and that's why im asking this, just to be safe.
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