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  1. Check in official GG youtube page
  2. first learn about unknown search
  3. Can any one explain me how to use fuzzy seach to find new hack values for pubg mobile ? I tried How to find antena base value... I tried fuzyy.. then wear helmet and vlick increase ..then took out the helmet then click decrease... By doing this i found 100 values in anonymous range . I edit them with 999..but nothing happened... Can anyone help me out
  4. Bdw where can i contact you ? I couldn't find you on telegram brother ..
  5. Ya local variable is best . But im some cases we have to use global too for beter results.
  6. For example: local a, b, c = 1, 2, 3 local t = os.clock() for i = 1, n do c = a + b end t = os.clock() - t print('use local vars: '..t..' seconds') How does this work fastly ?
  7. What is Global variables & why is thats slow , and how to search fast by not using global variables ?
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