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  1. Hey, thanks. Ho, so it means that I can use the same value for diffrent prizes. ok, tnx. The thing is that I managed to change the value, but when I take it, I don't get the one I changed, but the original. (For example, if the original was 30 dimonds and I changed it to 1000, when I take it, I get only 30 dimonds). Also, I managed to change the gold as they wrote above (during match), but this is limited to 18K only, if I pass this limit, I will get zero gold.
  2. I'm pretty noob and new on this doplease forgive me. I managed to do the first step (finding and changing the reward numbers) but don't understand what u mean by the second part (after I long press it, and go to the adress, not sure what to look or what to do with the long list that I found (or waht you refred to by 1-gold and such. Would thank u alot if u can explain it more for me please.
  3. Hey, I''m kinda new at this so pleae forgive me this is a stupid question... Anyway, I tried to use GG on several games with success, but the thing is that everytime I restart the game, I need to start the process of seraching velues all over again. So my question is, is there any way to save everything, so I won't need to spend time everytime i'm playing the game? Thanks for reading :)
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