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  1. Yea, I usually try ALL. Anyway, thanks for the attention and help. Really appreciate it!
  2. GREAT! I managed to understand this method better and found. Thanks. I kinda use a bit different way (I just used the first number with 'e'and the number from the list u gave me before with ~ for +1. For example for 4.567U I used: 4e36~5e36 Then tried once more and found (explaining for in case someone else will need this thread too). By the way, another noob question, how did u know to search with the yellow values? *(E: Double) I
  3. Can u please explain the procedure u did by steps? 1. What the number u search 2. What did u typed exactly in the search and so on? By the way, is there a place here which we could suggest the team to add an option to easy search numbers like that?
  4. Sure, it's Idle supermarket https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.codigames.market.idle.tycoon. I need to hack the money after it reaches billions and such. * I managed to hack it when it's not in big numbers, just with big numbers is my problem (and not only with that game).
  5. Fuzzy is taking FOREVER. And I cant know how much It added or decreased because the numbers also in letter...
  6. I also tried that /: I thought maybe there is an easy, and safer, way. Like writing a U and it will add the zeros automatically and such. P.s I'm also trying writing e36. Like 179e36~180e36
  7. I tried it before, didnt quite succeeded with that. For example, for the number 179.223U I typed 179,223,(here 33 zeros. Also tried with 36 zeros).
  8. Hi, I've been trying to find an answer for this for a long time now. In some game, at some point when you over 999,999,999 the number become with a letter, like 1M, 56d, 230U, and such. How can I know what number to type in the Search bar so I could find its value? P.s I kind of noob in this and know mostly the basics, so please forgive me for the noob question.
  9. Hey, thanks. Ho, so it means that I can use the same value for diffrent prizes. ok, tnx. The thing is that I managed to change the value, but when I take it, I don't get the one I changed, but the original. (For example, if the original was 30 dimonds and I changed it to 1000, when I take it, I get only 30 dimonds). Also, I managed to change the gold as they wrote above (during match), but this is limited to 18K only, if I pass this limit, I will get zero gold.
  10. I'm pretty noob and new on this doplease forgive me. I managed to do the first step (finding and changing the reward numbers) but don't understand what u mean by the second part (after I long press it, and go to the adress, not sure what to look or what to do with the long list that I found (or waht you refred to by 1-gold and such. Would thank u alot if u can explain it more for me please.
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