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  1. Thank you so much. I kinda really curious about this game. But my skill is limited, a newbie at this. I'm still trying to find the value for skill points.
  2. Sorry, I don't know how to edit post. I found the value for Shield & Energy using normal search. Both of them are in Double. I was able to edit it but can't exceed the max value (if the ship's max energy is 800/800, i cant change it to 9999/800). Also i can't freeze it. Looks like the address keeps changing.
  3. Hi I'm wondering if anyone could help me in hacking Star Nomad 2? I've read a thread to find the money value. I've tried to hack other value (XP, Ship Hull/shield/energy, Skill Points, Factions standing) besides the market price to no avail. Not even one value can be found using the normal or encrypted search. Are those values unhackable? It is a paid app, offline game. Horrible UI (fine for me, lol) Hope someone can help me find other value, especially the Skill Points.
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