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  1. Hi, game is called Call me emperor.
  2. No your English is fine. I’m just new at this stuff. I have tried that but I can only change the display value. This games is server sided so I try to think of other way to get more gold i.e increasing the gold pack that I would buy. I also tried to change the golds in the rewards but I’m stuck with the same problem. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me.
  3. Yes. I wanna modify the number of golds.
  4. Thanks for responding. I’m not sure how searching the VIP exp would help change the value of the gold. I’m sorry if I don’t fully comprehend what you were trying to say
  5. I wanna purchase a certain pack but before doing so, I would like to change the gold value from 60 to a higher number. How can I refine my search if the gold value remains 60? I tried doing fuzzy search then unchanging but it gives me a billion result. I’m fairly new to GG so my capability is limited. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.
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