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    Please Sir... Am having issues with the script activation key.. Everything I've typed in the box kept saying, Incorrect Activation Key.. What's the solution...
  2. Please sir the Activation Key. Does not still work always saying Incorrect and I've repeatedly retype the fresh ones it GENERATES.. . Yet they kept saying Incorrect Activation key.. Is there another Homescapes script i can use?? THANKS ONCE AGAIN SIR.
  3. Am a bit confused about this Sir.. (All hate you can address author of script and this ridiculuos solution for IDK what.) I think am dumb to understand that sir can you make me understand. THANKS FOR UR TIME.
  4. Thank you Sir..... Please I've been repeating it yet it kept saying Incorrect Passkey.. Or is that not the key? . Its total of 49 characters and numbers or so, which changes after i retype it inside the box.. Please check the screenshot to confirm sir..
  5. Thank you sir... But please is asking me for passkey..
  6. Please does anyone have lua script for homescapes? I will really appreciate if anyone has it.
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