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    Scrap Clicker 2

    I've been playing scrap clicker 2 recently and the game is excruciatingly slow, even with bricks and scrap hacked. What would massively speed it up is hacking the magnets. I've tried using the same method as I did for the scrap and bricks, which is a fuzzy search for a small number that is the same as the first few numbers of the larger value, it loops around so you need to do it repeatedly to increase the value. However, the magnet value seems impossible to find. Using a fuzzy auto search it turns up nothing but about 15-20 values which aren't the magnets but do go up and down with the actual value. None even resemble the magnet value. Anyone been able to figure this out? Or even for the steel beams, not as good but will massively augment the magnet collection in the later game.
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