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    GG Cannot Detect Game

    GG error msg: "failed to find application package name." I did delete HD-abd.exe from GG folder though, because it frequently popped out error message about HD-abd not working properly. Not sure if it's relevant.
  2. Could it be server end database? Thoughts from a newbie
  3. Col

    GG Cannot Detect Game

    I attempted to use GG in the setting of: Windows 7 64bit, GG 96.1, Bluestacks 4.30 (Android 7.1.1), rooted by BSTweaker 5, root hided by Xposed 3.1.5 with ANRC x86. The setting was chosen after trial and errors. GG successfully bypassed ingame root detection, but GG was unable to detect the game; instead it stayed at "loading..." Please help me. The target game is Random Dice. Thank you!
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